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How to Write, Format, and send emails in BT Yahoo Mail?

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In this modern era of technology, life has become much fast and advance, everyone is so busy that they barely find time to think and realize that in this hustle bustle they have compromised their social relation just to reach our work goals. A big thanks to the mailing services like Yahoo, it’s because of them that you are able to cope up with your relation along with work goals.

Yahoo is not just about email but it’s a integrated platform of many services that has somehow saved a lot of time as you don’t need to visit many website for different purpose. With Yahoo account you get a free 1TB of free email cloud storage so that you can enjoy your conversations without worrying about space.

In this article you get to know how to personalize your inbox, so follow the below strides carefully or visit BT Yahoo UK customer care to know more about your mailing service. Let’s get started with the process.

To create and send a new email:

  • Sign in to your account.
  • Click Compose to create a new message.
  • Now in the ‘To’ field type the name or email address of your contact.
  • In the ‘Subject’ box, type a brief summary of email.
  • Type your message in the body.
  • Click send to send the message.

Format your emails:

  • With the help of Formatting toolbar, you can change the font, color, and style of your text.
  • Move over each icon Formatting toolbar to know what the icon does.

To set the Default font:

  • Click on the Settings icon and then select Settings.
  • Click on writing emails.
  • Select the font from the drop-down menus next to “Default rich text font”
  • Click Save.

These steps are sufficient enough to resolve your issue if you look any telephonic assistance make a call on BT Yahoo Mail Technical Support UK, a team of professionally trained experts will assist you and help you in resolving your issue as soon as possible.

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