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Understand The Different Types Of BT Mail Account

BT Yahoo Customer Support UK

With British Telecom services, you have access to versatility, about 11 email addresses and several other features which combine to form an extremely well structured email service provider. But its features do not stop right here. As BT Mail provides the users with a significantly large number of safe addresses, it was only a natural move from its part to give the users access to different types of email accounts

BT Support UK Presents To You The Different Types Email Accounts

It is well known fact that BT mail is indeed a versatile webmail application. To that end, in addition to providing the users with 11 addresses, it also gives around 10 additional addresses suited for your family and loved ones. With these many accounts, it is always better suited to categorize them.

Following Are The Three Varying Editions

  1. Primary BT mail address: Held by the primary holder of the account, they have complete access to their personal data and passwords. Consider this account a parent in a binary tree, with affiliated and sub IDs underneath it. The Primary holder has the right to delegate these accounts to other users.
  2. BT mail sub Accounts: These exist alongside the primary as an alternative. They have their very own credential. Sub accounts are often delegated to young ones in a scenario where you as the Primary ID holder, can control and change the passwords. Even if you can see sub accounts listing as log on as a primary, you still have to access them using their credentials.
  3. BT affiliated account: An affiliated address is the one you have given to other members of your household. In that sensethis might be considered a bit of an evolved version of sub account. As once delegated to others, you give up its responsibility. You are only allowed to change the username/password only initially, as once you have affiliated the account to someone, that someone would have full control.

These different variations allow this webmail service to be extremely versatile and functional to multiple users. Creating these different IDs is a fairly typical process; therefore, it would suit you better if you alter them on your own terms with the assistance of customer support technicians.

If you want to get a deeper understanding about these IDs, you can contact us by dialing BT Yahoo Customer Care Number UK 0800-046-5262. Here, in addition to educating you about these accounts, we would also provide support on how to create them.

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